English pilots

FFVL membership can be arranged through the club -

- Go to the meeting
- Shake hands with everyone…(you'll find out who speaks English)
- Find the Chairman
- Club subscription ( 2011 ~ 25 Euros)
- Get a medical!! Just call into any doctors with your form (The medical requirements are printed on the reverse of the last folio) cost (2011 ~ 22 Euros).
- Ideally get an IPPI card from the BHPA (2007 ~ £11.00).Your membership is Volant (flying)
- You need basic insurance "RC volante et AR" (unless you have other insurance - eg. CAF)
- Decide if you want your gear insured.

Eh voila.
Bonjour/Salut Hello
Vol Flight / wing
Décollage Take-off - (not a picture made from sticking things to paper)
Atterrissage Landing
Vent The wind (the meterological wind)
Brise The wind (the local wind caused by the effect of the thermals and the valley flow…can be very different from the vent).
Plouf Top to bottom
Amateur Lot an Amateur but an Enthusiast ~ easy to get a little insulted by mistake with this one, as in "you're quite an amateur aren't you?"
Pique-nique Almost as important as the flying itself
Bière Essential post flight refreshment
Merde n ot very good
Randonnée Walk - as in "oh Merde, the winds off lets go walking instead".
Ballade The same as Randonnée. I'm still not sure that a ballade isn't a "randonnée" during which you're meant to sing.
Gîte Pronounced sort of "jeet" - Youth hostel for grown ups - inexpensive way of overnighting in convivial style in the countryside (remember to bring the pique-nique)
Parapente Paraglider
Parapentiste A partaker of the noble art
Delta Lawn dart / Hang glider
Mon aéroglisseur est plein des anguilles My hovercraft is full of eels